Howard West

Credit: Derek Swalwell




Jackson Clements Burrows Architects


City of Melbourne

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Brett Young

Howard West

3-11 Howard Street West, Melbourne

Howard West

Howard West
Howard West

Howard West, 2020 winner of the UDIA Small Scale Development award, tackled the unique challenge of melding the heritage industrial brickwork façade of the former hat factory with innovative modifications suited for a residential development.

Ratio’s transport team were appointed to design an efficient parking layout that would provide sufficient tenant parking within the building’s car park without disrupting the original brickwork façade overlooking the car park’s entrance.

Site constraints

Howard West comprises 9 two-bedroom apartments, 4 three-storey townhouses, 4 four-bedroom townhouses as well as offering café and retail tenancies.

Strict constraints, limited site access and planning controls regulated the development situated on Howard Street West, North Melbourne.

Ratio joined C Street Projects at the concept design stage in 2015 to consult on traffic and waste management.


Ratio’s transport team opted to employ an efficient car-stacker layout to optimise space inside the car park and retain the design integrity of the original building structure.

The pit stacker maximised the utility of the car park to increase the parking yield whilst providing at-grade visitor spaces, loading zones and disabled user parking available onsite. In addition to multiplying the volume of car spaces that would be conventionally available, pit stackers provide residents with independently accessible, secure parking.

Waste Management Plan

Ratio also advised on waste management for the project, preparing a waste management plan (WMP) that outlined the bin storage and collection arrangements for the residential and commercial uses and a swept paths assessment demonstrating the manoeuvrability of waste trucks accessing the loading zone located in the ground-level carpark.

The WMP was divided into two components; the waste system for the residential uses, and the waste system for the commercial uses. The waste system for the apartments and townhouses involved shared bulk general waste, commingled recycling and paper and cardboard bins, supplied and collected kerbside by Council. The waste system for the café and retail tenancies involved shared bulk general waste and combined recycling bins, supplied and collected on-site by a private contractor.

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3-11 Howard Street West