Norlane Community Initiative

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Norlane Community Initiatives

Norlane Community Initiatives

Norlane Community Initiatives

“Ratio Consultants is very proud to be involved in this project and honoured to be able to provide our integrated services that will result in truly fantastic outcomes for the community.”

– Senior Associate: Planning, James Hamilton

4-8 Spruhan Avenue, Norlane
4-8 Spruhan Avenue, Norlane

Our Planning, Transport and Waste Management teams consulted on the proposed Community Hub at 4-8 Spruhan Avenue, Norlane, to be operated by Norlane Community Initiatives (NCI).

NCI is a registered charity, spearheaded by Simon and Kaylene Reeves. It has operated on the site for many years, providing services that encourage neighbourhood regeneration and the cultivation of community.

The Development

The new community hub for NCI will be a significant improvement on existing on-site facilities and will ensure both NCI and the community are provided with contemporary facilities.

NCI will continue to provide key community services in the new purpose-built community hub.

Our Work

Ratio Consultants provided integrated services from our Planning, Transport and Waste Management teams, providing pro bono design input and strategic advice to the project team and architect during the concept development.

Our Planning team assisted with the preparation of a planning scheme amendment and planning permit application.

Our Transport team recognised that most users of the centre live in the surrounding neighbourhood and that use of the centre will vary day to day which supported a pragmatic view of car parking supply to maximise landscaping opportunity and to promote active transport.

Our Waste Management Team took a similarly balanced view with waste collection taking place in the on-site car parking at times when the car park would be empty, avoiding the need to provide a specific loading space.

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4-8 Spruhan Avenue