84-96 Bastings Street, Northcote

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Kavellaris Urban Design


Darebin Council

84-96 Bastings Street, Northcote

84-96 Bastings Street, Northcote

84-96 Bastings Street, Northcote

84-96 Bastings Street, Northcote
84-96 Bastings Street, Northcote

The development has a large centralised communal open space piazza to build a community amongst the residents.

The proposed development commits to Operational Carbon Neutrality for a minimum of 10 years.

The Project

The 47 townhouses in two-and-three-storey configurations are located in a residential precinct of Northcote.

All dwellings are provided with north-facing secluded private open space and garages will be provided with electric charging capabilities.

Our Work

Ratio’s planning team worked with the client and architect to obtain Council officer’s support. Regardless, Councillors determined to refuse the application and, despite there being over 90 objections and Councillor opposition, our team worked with the parties involved to resolve the issues and obtain a permit through the Compulsory Conference process and avoid a full VCAT hearing.

Our transport team assisted the architect with the design of vehicle access points and a basement car park. All resident car spaces are provided within the garage basement (including an underfloor car stacker system for three-bedroom dwellings). The team also prepared a traffic impact assessment report for a small reduction in visitor car spaces.

Our waste management team assisted the project team with the design of the waste storage and collection areas and prepared a Waste Management Plan to accompany the Town Planning Application. The proposed waste management system for the development involved a communal bin room on the basement level containing shared general waste, organics, recycling, and glass collection bins, as well as storage provision for charity goods, e-waste, and hard waste. The waste team also prepared a swept path assessment to demonstrate that a 6.4-metre-long mini rear loader could access the basement for waste collection in a suitable manner.

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84-96 Bastings Street