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Arden Structure Plan

Arden Structure Plan

Arden Structure Plan

“Big projects like these require in-depth consideration across a broad range of subjects. The skill is to bring intellectual rigour to the assessment, extensive experience of effective planning mechanisms in other contexts and an understanding of how planning levers can be implemented to achieve key strategic objectives.”

‒ Colleen Peterson, CEO

Arden Structure Plan
Arden Structure Plan

The Arden Structure Plan provides a framework for supplying new developments, infrastructure, open spaces and transport networks for the future.

The Arden Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Amendment C407 was gazetted on 28 July 2022, introducing new planning controls into the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

The Structure Plan

The Arden Structure Plan and Amendment C407 initiates the urban renewal of the Arden precinct ahead of Metro Tunnel’s Arden Station, set to arrive in 2025.

The Plan will transport the inner-city area into a cohesive and flourishing north-west Melbourne precinct that supports the delivery of around 8ha of open space, including proposed local parks, a primary school and a health facility.

Our Work

Colleen Peterson, CEO, was asked to undertake a peer review of the Amendment and its key documents, advising the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) on the final form and content of the planning scheme amendment.

She prepared expert evidence for the Standing Advisory Committee, analysing and reviewing the significant project and providing strategic analysis that will ultimately transform the northern edge of the city and expand Melbourne’s central city.

During the process, issues such as buffers to industrial land use, height, overshadowing of public spaces and competing land uses challenged the achievement of a strategic vision for a precinct that would encourage innovation and employment.

We look forward to watching the Arden precinct contribute positive urban outcomes for those living, working and visiting the area.

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