Wyndham Stadium Concept Master Plan Receives Approval




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Wyndham Stadium Concept Master Plan Receives Approval

The Wyndham Stadium Concept Master Plan has been approved by the Planning Minister, paving the way for detailed design and delivery of the project.

Wyndham Stadium Concept Master Plan Receives Approval

“The Concept Master Plan is a key step to unlocking a new transit-oriented sports and mixed-use precinct for Melbourne’s west. The early delivery of Wyndham Stadium will support a logical and flexible framework for long-term development of the surrounding area.”

Senior Associate Matthew Furness

The Wyndham Stadium Concept Master Plan has been approved by the Planning Minister, paving the way for detailed design and delivery of the project.

Ratio’s planning, urban design and transport teams have been involved in the ambitious placemaking project for close to 18 months and will continue to work alongside Western Melbourne Group in conjunction with Wyndham City Council on the next stages of the development.

The collaborative approach to the project, led by Travis Finlayson (planning), Mathew Furness (urban design) and Aaron Walley (transport) resulted in the preparation of an approved concept master plan providing a framework for the 62-hectare site to replace the normal Precinct Structure Plan process, thus allowing for the delivery of the stadium, training precinct and residential precinct in an expeditated time frame.

The approval of the concept master plan allows for the subsequent development approvals for the project which will provide the Wyndham community with expansive facilities and infrastructure investment.

The Stadium

Wyndham Stadium, the core of the development and Australia’s first purpose-built major soccer venue, will accommodate 15,000 spectators. It will sit at the heart of a new precinct that provides accommodation, elite training and community sport facilities, retail and dining venues within a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood served by a new rail station.

A residential community will subsequently expand around the stadium, with the support of enhanced creek corridors, commercial mixed-use developments and a range of dwellings to house more than 800 potential future residents.

Project of State Significance

The development of the precinct is facilitated through a Specific Controls Overlay (SCO) and an Incorporated Document (Wyndham A-League Stadium Development October 2020) introduced by the Minister for Planning in 2021.

The introduction of these controls to facilitate the development in advance of a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) for the area reflects the State significance of the project.

Ratio, on behalf of the Western Melbourne Group, provided feedback on the drafting of the Incorporated Document and once this was approved, the translation of its requirements into an approved Concept Master Plan.

Build it and they will come

The approved Concept Masterplan will deliver an integrated, transit-oriented development that optimises the site’s location adjacent to the future Riverdale Major Activity Centre and Riverdale Railway Station.

The stadium will provide significant economic and social benefits at a local, regional and state level. It will provide both short-term and long-term employment and increased visitation and is aligned with key social objectives for sports participation and community strengthening.

Key components of the development include:

  • A 15,000 seat capacity stadium, associated training facilities, indoor recreation facility, administration offices, multi-level car park and retail outlets to support the operation of the major sports and recreation facility.
  • A master-planned residential precinct of more than 700 dwellings, with a variety of dwelling types, mixed use areas and public open space.
  • A future commercial precinct that will activate the land between the stadium development and the future Riverdale Railway Station.
  • A training precinct with a 5000-seat stadium and surrounding sports fields and public open space facilities.
  • An upgraded waterway and wetlands area adjoining Davis Creek.

The development is unique as the stadium and training facilities and associated infrastructure will form the initial stages of the development and key anchors to the precinct, before the residential neighbourhood is developed.

This will enable new residents to benefit from established facilities and a sense of place when they arrive.

2023 Stadium Delivery

The Wyndham Stadium precinct will evolve as the community grows over the coming years. In the meantime, the training facilities are earmarked for use during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup schedule.