The Stewart Collective

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The Stewart Collective

269 Stewart Street, Brunswick East

The Stewart Collective

The Stewart Collective
The Stewart Collective

This multi-level residential development offers 1,2 and 3 bedroom residences alongside 2-storey lofts.

Following on from the successes of previous sustainable developments Nightingale Anstey and Little Miller, Lucent Capital develops The Stewart Collective.

The Development

The Stewart Collective accommodates 69 dwellings and associated car parking in a considered development that melds with its natural surrounds.

The Collective’s environmental initiatives include:

  • 5 NatHERS rating
  • 100% fossil fuel free
  • Bike friendly parking
  • Electric car charging capabilities
  • Water harvesting productive gardens
  • Meter solar sharing technology

Additional amenities include rooftop garden, external courtyards and a communal library.

The Stewart Collective is located beside the CERES Community Environment Park and the Merri Creek Trail.

Our Work

The development site was an anomaly, being a large former car storage facility and the sole site located within the Commercial 1 Zone and surrounded by a variety of residential zones, and Public Park and Recreation Zone.

No planning controls or policies existed to provide clear direction for the redevelopment of the site and, as such, a contextual response was required. Ratio’s planning team worked with Council to obtain officer support.

While support was not forthcoming from Councillors and objectors, the development proposal received a positive ruling at VCAT.

Project Stages

The Stewart Collective is slated for completion in 2022.

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269 Stewart Street
Brunswick East