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Richmond High School

4 Griffiths Street & 16 Gleadell Street, Richmond

Richmond High School

4 Griffiths Street & 16 Gleadell Street, Richmond
4 Griffiths Street & 16 Gleadell Street, Richmond

We were engaged to assess the traffic and parking impacts of the creation of the new Richmond High School across two inner urban sites in the heart of Richmond.

Richmond High School will ultimately have an enrolment of 650 students across years 7-12 once fully operational; it is the second vertical school to open in Melbourne.

The Site

The Griffiths Street site will be developed as the ‘Academic Precinct’ within a contemporary four-storey building, comprising primarily classrooms and administration areas, along with outdoor learning and recreation areas.

The nearby Gleadell Street campus opened for Term 1 in 2018 and comprises general purpose teaching spaces, four competition-grade netball courts and community facilities.

An Accessible Location

Located within the heart of Richmond, the school provides excellent access to a wide range of transport options and is positioned close to existing community infrastructure and services.

The school will encourage the use of sustainable transport modes. We worked closely with the VSBA, Council and Hayball to ensure that the surrounding precinct has appropriate facilities for safe and convenient pedestrian and bicycle access.

A Team-Driven Outcome

We worked in association with the VSBA, the City of Yarra, Lynall Hall Community School, Richmond Multicultural Children’s Centre, Leo Berry’s Boxing Gym, Gleadell Street Market Traders and the Richmond Union Bowls Club to ensure that their needs were considered throughout the planning phase.

The academic precinct is proposed to open in Term 1 of 2019 for the second stream of year 7 students as well as students moving into year 8.

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4 Griffiths Street & 16 Gleadell Street