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Collingwood Arts Precinct

Johnston Street, Collingwood

Collingwood Arts Precinct

Johnston Street, Collingwood
Johnston Street, Collingwood

The Ratio Urban Design & Planning Team, as Message Consultants, were engaged by Creative Victoria to provide strategic planning advice in relation to the development of the Collingwood Arts Precinct.

Our teams facilitated the re-use of vacant buildings on the former Collingwood Technical College site for arts and creative purposes.

We liaised with the client and key stakeholders including the not-for profit operator CAP Ltd, Circus Oz and the City of Yarra to devise a planning strategy to help provide for a broad range of arts and cultural activities.

The Space

The site will house studios, workshops, galleries, production rehearsal, performance and event spaces and the provision of accommodation for artists and workers in the creative industries.

Rezoning the Site

We helped facilitate the rezoning of the site as a Special Use Zone with a specific schedule to support the Collingwood Arts Precinct as a state-significant hub for the arts and creative industries.

Our team prepared the Planning Scheme Amendment material and successfully managed the request through the Fast Track Government Land Service, including the provision of expert evidence to the Ministerial Advisory Committee.

The Planning Scheme Amendment, which was gazetted in July 2017, provides a clear and robust planning framework for the precinct.

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Johnston Street