Imperium Hawthorn

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City of Boroondara

Imperium Hawthorn

9 Power Avenue, Hawthorn

Imperium Hawthorn

Imperium Hawthorn
Imperium Hawthorn

Ratio worked alongside Council to obtain their support for the contemporary development of four dwellings.

Our team consulted on planning, transport and waste management for the site.

The Development

The four luxury residences span three levels, boasting a modern design and prime location conveniently situated within walking distance of boutique shopping strips, dining venues and parklands.

Basement parking is included on-site with rooftop views offering a majestic view of the CBD, grounded by landscape architecture of John Patrick.

Our Work

Our planning, transport and waste management teams consulted on the development, noting a number of opportunities and constraints facing the project.

The zoning and policies applicable to the site indicated that it was suitable for redevelopment, however, the adjoining sites presented some limitations in the form of protected trees and flooding issues that required addressing to allow for basement entry.

The project had limited space to accommodate a basement carpark with eight parking spaces and incorporated a range of standard and tandem double garages, as well as some car stackers. Due to the site constraints our team also needed to install a turntable within the tandem garage to cater for suitable access. The turntable catered for a B99 vehicle and included laser sensors to provide extra protection and ensure that any vehicle using the turntable would not collide with fixed objects. The team also arranged for the turntable manufacturer to review and endorse the turntable layout to ensure that it was acceptable and to assist with Council approval.

Our waste team provided the project team with design recommendations for the bin storage areas and waste equipment required and prepared a Waste Management Plan to accompany the Town Planning Application. The proposed waste management system for the development involved individual general waste and commingled recycling bins stored within each unit’s garage, and a communal bin tug and trailer to assist with the transfer of bins to/from the Power Avenue kerb via the basement ramp for Council collection.

The project team were able to work with Council to obtain support without going to VCAT.

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9 Power Avenue