835-853 High-Street, Armadale

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City of Armadale

835 High Street, Armadale

835 High Street, Armadale

835 High Street, Armadale

835 High Street Armadale
835 High Street Armadale

Ratio has consulted on the project since 2017, securing a planning permit via VCAT in October 2018.

Expert advice was supplied by
our planning, traffic and waste management teams enabling a built form outcome which maximised the site’s potential.

Achieving a 7-storey development which exceeded the maximum building heights previously achieved along High Street proximate to the site, Ratio assisted Moda in navigating all stages of the application process from site acquisition, Council engagement, Council application and the VCAT appeal process.

Ratio further assisted with various amendments to the permit in response to purchaser variations and design and construct changes.

Our Work

Ratio’s traffic team was faced with the challenge of creating a basement layout with adequate vehicle circulation.

Car parking spaces had to be maximised in the two-level basement which posed difficulties given the limited manoeuvring area for vehicles. The required number of car spaces were provided by combining 90-degree angled spaces and parallel spaces.

Lastly, Ratio’s waste management team prepared an amended Waste Management Plan for the site, with the café and retail tenancies sharing bulk general waste and recycling bins while the apartments shared bulk general waste, recycling, and green waste bins.

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835 High Street