22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill

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22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill

22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill

22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill

22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill
22-24 Prospect Street, Box Hill

Situated within the Box Hill Activity Centre, the multi-level office tower looks to become a landmark feature of Box Hill.

Ratio’s Planning, Transport and Waste Management teams consulted on the impressive high-rise commercial development.

The Development

The mixed-use commercial tower occupies a central site on Prospect Street within walking proximity of local dining amenities, Box Hill Central and Box Hill hospital.

The design accommodates communal areas including extensive meeting rooms, executive lounges, open-air terraces and a wellness centre for use by future office tenants.

Our Work

Ratio Planning team ran the application through Council which included a detailed pre-application process where the team sought early council buy-in and consultation. There were several meetings through the application process with residents and Council that facilitated officer and councillor support. The team further facilitated a mediated outcome at a compulsory conference with a neighbouring property objector, avoiding the need for a full VCAT hearing.

Our Transport team were able to secure Council endorsement for a reduction in the Parking Overlay parking requirements for retail and office uses based on a range of factors, including the preparation of a complementary Green Travel Plan, a generous provision of bicycle parking and associated end-of-trip facilities, relevant VCAT decisions and a range of well-constructed, supportive arguments that reinforced the adequacy of the on-site car parking provision. The development also included EV charging spaces, best practice end-of-trip facilities and accessible parking spaces.

The team conducted a detailed SIDRA analysis to demonstrate that the level of traffic generated by the proposed development could be accommodated on the surrounding road network.

Our Waste Management team provided design recommendations for the development’s waste storage and collection areas and prepared a waste management plan to accompany the Town Planning Application.

The proposed waste management system for the development involved a communal bin room containing shared general waste, organics, commingled recycling, paper/cardboard, and glass collection bins, as well as a hard waste/e-waste storage area. We also prepared a swept path assessment to demonstrate that a 6.4-metre-long mini rear loader could access the loading area for waste collection in a suitable manner.

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22-24 Prospect Street
Box Hill