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Swan Hill Pedestrian Overpass

Swan Hill Pedestrian Overpass Conceptual Design

Swan Hill Pedestrian Overpass

Swan Hill Pedestrian Overpass Conceptual Design
Swan Hill Pedestrian Overpass Conceptual Design

Ratio’s urban design to provide conceptual design services for a pedestrian overpass to cross the railway line and reconnect the centre of town with the Murray River.

The project offers the scope to celebrate the story of Swan Hill and provide a pathway that connects the community and riverfront.

The Project

The riverfront precinct of Swan Hill represents the essence of the character of the township. It continues to be the heart of the town’s public activity and tourist visitation while being quite removed from the centre of town.

The project poses an opportunity to bring the river, the riverfront parklands, and natural landscape back into the town centre. Consideration must also be given to a diverse range of historical and interpretive elements that tell the stories and histories of this place.

This project presents a chance to create an iconic landmark, likely a highly visible structure amongst the flat landscape and low-level building heights.

Our Work

The development pattern of Swan Hill has impeded the opportunity for the city centre to take full advantage of its riverfront locale.

The rail corridor and associated infrastructure and activities provide a physical and visual barrier between the riverfront, adjacent residential and civic uses and, most significantly, the Swan Hill CBD.

This history of development has left many legacy issues that our Urban Design team will contend with, including numerous land parcels under various ownership, large industrial infrastructure, and mixed design languages. The team looks forward to overcoming these challenges through thorough site analysis, site-responsive design, and community engagement to understand the local community’s attachment to place.

The diverse skillsets of Ratio’s multidisciplinary project team will enable us to deliver a holistic approach to designing this important piece of infrastructure.

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