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Moyne Shire Council

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Willatook Wind Farm

Willatook Wind Farm

Willatook Wind Farm

Willatook Wind Farm
Willatook Wind Farm

Our work included substantial consultation with representatives of Moyne Shire Council and the Department of Transport’s South Western Regional Office to identify key local issues.

Responding to the EES scope, our team established traffic volumes, access routes and traffic management and mitigation required across all Projects stages.

The Development

The 75 turbine Willatook Wind Farm is located to the northwest of Warrnambool on a site cleared for livestock farming. The project is currently undergoing the EES process.

Our Work

Ratio’s transport team is assisting Wind Prospect Australia with strategic transport advice, preparing a transport engineering assessment as part of the current EES process.

A critical focus was given to the project construction phase, acknowledging that project generated traffic will be the major traffic component on local and arterial roads in the area.

Our assessment also included the identification of a preferred Western Truck group (WTG) component haulage route from the Port of Portland with interim works required to support over-size and over-mass vehicles.

Our team undertook a collaborative approach with Moyne Shire Council and the Department of Transport to formulate a successful traffic management and mitigation responses.

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Willatook Wind Farm