The Base Craigieburn

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The Base Craigieburn

650 Hume Highway, Craigieburn

The Base Craigieburn

The Base Craigieburn
The Base Craigieburn

In 2019, property developer APD Projects called in Ratio’s traffic team to consult on the early stages of the site’s development plan.

Ratio’s revised traffic signal design was approved by both DoT and Hume City Council.

Development Overview

The Base Craigieburn, located at 650 Hume Highway, represents a spacious mixed-use development site of 21.6ha.

The prime landholding is set to house retail, warehouse hospitality, service amenities and entertainment venues.

The subdivided site favours industrial use and large format retail venues and has frontages overlooking both Hume Highway and Hume Freeway and is located in a high-traffic area where the State Government forecasts increased residential growth in coming years.

Our Work

Our transport team prepared a traffic impact assessment and designed a new signalised intersection on the busy Hume Highway to provide access to the new development.

An existing planning permit associated with the site included a requirement for significant roadworks to be undertaken in association with the development, which would have resulted in the local duplication of Hume Highway. It was Ratio’s opinion that the vast extent of roadworks conditioned within the existing permit were not required to facilitate access to the site.

The team consulted with APD and reviewed the traffic analysis before meeting with the Department of Transport (DoT) to discuss what was reasonably required of the developer to facilitate access to the development, keeping in mind the revised development proposal and other road upgrades in the pipeline to be undertaken by DoT.

Next Steps

Following approval by the Dot and Council, Ratio remains onboard the project team to assist with permit applications for subsequent stages of the development.

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650 Hume Highway