Pallas House

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Ewert Leaf


City of Port Phillip

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Simon Martin

Pallas House

67-69 Palmerston Crescent, South Melbourne

Pallas House

Pallas House
Pallas House

On the advice of Ratio, the client lodged a permit amendment which greatly assisted in reducing planning timeframes.

Ratio assisted the project team with technical planning, traffic and waste engineering advice.

Development Overview

Pallas house is an 8-storey retail and office building located on the fringe of the city within the St Kilda Road North Precinct of South Melbourne. The site is 592sqm, situated in an area experiencing a high level of residential and commercial growth.

The commercially zoned site is affected by the Design and Development Overlay – Schedule 26 and the Special Building Overlay, meaning the site needed to comply with Melbourne Waters flood mitigation requirements.

Architectural Opportunity

The amended architectural design of the building evolved through an in-house design competition held by Ewert Leaf and the selected winners worked collaboratively with the developer to achieve a bold and elegant building.

Pallas House capitalises on CBD views and includes over 1,900sqm of high-quality commercial space, as well a flexible ground floor retail offering and a large landscaped communal rooftop terrace.

Our Work

Ratio’s transport team optimised on-site car parking by employing semi-automatic car stackers in an independent tandem formation which can be accessed directly via the abutting laneway. A total of 24 car parking spaces are proposed, including two spaces allocated for ‘car share’ vehicles. A generous provision of bicycle parking and associated end of trip facilities will encourage the use of sustainable transport modes.

The development will also benefit from the construction of the nearby Anzac Railway Station as part of the current construction of the Metro Tunnel works.

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67-69 Palmerston Crescent
South Melbourne