9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East

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Derby Road Developments Pty Ltd


: Glen Eira City Council



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Russell Fairlie Laura Brown

9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East

9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East

9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East

9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East
9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East

The student accommodation development is close to nearby public transport and shopping amenities.

The development features an on-site car share space and vehicle to justify a low car parking provision that was ultimately accepted and approved at a VCAT mediation hearing.

The Project

The 11-storey student accommodation development will 88 student accommodation beds and a ground floor food and drink tenancy with a reduced car parking provision of five on-site car parking spaces.

The development site is proximate to Monash University Caulfield Campus.

Our Work

The previously permitted student accommodation development required 11 car spaces in a two-level basement car park serviced by a ramp and car lift.

As part of the feasibility review of the plans, several construction issues were identified with the basement car park. Consequently, Basement Level 2 was deleted, and the car parking provision was reduced to a maximum of five spaces (representing a reduction of six spaces to the approved development), and removal of the car lift.

To support this reduction of car parking, our transport team liaised with car share operator GoGet, who subsequently funded the operation of one car share vehicle within the basement car park.

The team prepared a detailed Car Parking Demand Assessment to justify the reduced car parking provision based on the car share space and other factors, including the ideal location of the site regarding the proximity of the Caulfield Campus of Monash University and the presence of the nearby Caulfield Railway Station, tram and bus services, and shopping facilities and generous provision of on-site bicycle parking.

These changes were successful in gaining Council and then VCAT approval.  This demonstrated that the presence of some on-site car share vehicle(s) is a great option to reduce car parking provision and demand and save significant construction costs.


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9-13 Derby Street, Caulfield East