The Central Geelong Framework Plan – A Plan for the heart of Djilang (2023)


The Central Geelong Framework Plan – A Plan for the heart of Djilang (2023)





The Central Geelong Framework Plan

The Central Geelong Framework Plan – A Plan for the heart of Djilang (2023) creates new planning controls for central Geelong, setting a vision for a modern and functional city over the next 30 years.

The Central Geelong Framework Plan

The Framework Plan aims to achieve capacity for 60,000 jobs and 16,000 residents by 2050, compared to the 20,000 jobs and 2,500 residents currently in Central Geelong.

Key elements of the plan include:

  • An increase in maximum preferred building heights on larger sites, including Westfield and Market Square. Lower building heights are retained in areas of fine grain subdivision, such as Little Malop Street.
  • Creation of distinct precincts across the Geelong CBD, including a new precinct – Bayview Village – which focuses on the waterfront, catering to leisure uses and tourist accommodation. The size of the Station precinct has been increased recognising the importance of transit orientated development.
  • Identification that a new car parking strategy will be prepared for Central Geelong, which may introduce maximum car parking requirements for new development.
  • Introduction of mandatory overshadowing controls that seek to protect access to daylight along key streets and public spaces.

“Now that we have an approved Framework Plan to guide growth in central Geelong over the next 30 years, key stakeholders finally have certainty and confidence. The Framework Plan includes several notable changes from the exhibited version including refined and improved sub-precinct boundaries and increased preferred maximum building heights that enable opportunities to be capitalised on in key locations. These changes are welcomed, and we look forward to interrogating the new Framework Plan and planning controls further.” ‒ James Hamilton, Senior Associate: Planning

The Framework Plan was delivered in consultation with Wadawurrung Traditional Owners, the City of Greater Geelong, the Geelong Authority, landowners, local community members and guidance from an independent Advisory Committee appointed by the former Minister for Planning.