Wyndham Stadium Precinct Concept Master Plan


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Wyndham Stadium Precinct Concept Master Plan

Wyndham Stadium Precinct Concept Master Plan

Wyndham Stadium Precinct Concept Master Plan

“The Concept Master Plan sets out the major components of the development ‒ the main open spaces, transport connections, pedestrian and cycle links and general mix of land uses. It provides the overall framework for the site and a broad feel to what the placemaking aspiration of the area is.”

– Senior Associate, Mathew Furness

Wyndham Stadium Precinct Concept Master Plan
Wyndham Stadium Precinct Concept Master Plan

The Concept Master Plan for the Wyndham Stadium is a key step to unlocking a new transit-oriented sports and mixed-use precinct for Melbourne’s west.

We’re proud to support a logical and flexible framework for long-term development of the surrounding area.

State Planning Minister Richard Wynne has approved the Wyndham Stadium Concept Master Plan.

Planning approval paves the way for comprehensive development designs and construction timelines to be drawn up for the Western United Football Club’s new purpose-built home.

Our Work

Ratio’s planning, transport and urban design teams have been involved in the ambitious placemaking project for close to 18 months and will continue to work on the next stages of the development.

Ratios multi-disciplinary project team developed the overall masterplan, including a series of sub-precincts and design guidance that are aimed at delivering a high-quality transit-oriented development with a sense of place.

The Stadium

Wyndham Stadium, the core of the development and Australia’s first purpose-built major soccer venue, will accommodate 15,000 spectators.  It will sit at the heart of a new precinct that provides accommodation, elite training and community sport facilities, retail and dining venues within a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood served by a new rail station.

A diverse residential community will subsequently expand around Wyndham Stadium, with the support of enhanced creek corridors, commercial mixed-use developments and a range of dwellings to house more than 800 future residents.

The training facilities have already been earmarked for use for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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