5-11 Mercer Street, Geelong


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5-11 Mercer Street & 2-6 Ginn Street

5-11 Mercer Street & 2-6 Ginn Street

5-11 Mercer Street & 2-6 Ginn Street

5-11 Mercer Street & 2-6 Ginn Street, Geelong
5-11 Mercer Street & 2-6 Ginn Street, Geelong

The proposal will set a high benchmark for new proposals and is the first major apartment development in the immediate area.

The application is the first within Central Geelong to be submitted to the Minister for Planning since the adoption of the Central Geelong Framework Plan.

The Project

The carbon neutral mixed-use development will include 73 apartment dwellings, 4 townhouses and 2 retail tenancies fronting Mercer Street. With sustainability at the forefront of the proposal, KUD has created a development with a strong architectural focus on responding to Corio Bay.

The development will add to much-needed housing supply in Central Geelong, achieves a high BESS score of 71% and provides exceptional amenity for residents, with large private balconies and landscaping throughout.

The development is proximate to Western Beach, with views of Corio Bay, and Geelong Railway Station, providing excellent connections to Melbourne.

Our Work

Ratio’s planning team advised on changing planning controls and expectations for the site, examining the wider context to advise on an appropriate built form outcome.

Our planning team will now work with DEECA to achieve a planning permit for the development.

Our transport team assessed traffic, car parking and bicycle parking considerations. Our transport team worked through detailed design recommendations and suggested a layout that will create efficient access to the site, with the benefit of improving the development’s street frontages.

Our waste management team prepared a Waste Management Plan to accompany the Town Planning Application to analyse the waste to be generated by the development and collection arrangements.

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5-11 Mercer Street & 2-6 Ginn Street, Geelong