226-232 High Street, Kew

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Boroondara City Council

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Simon Martin

226-232 High Street, Kew

226-232 High Street, Kew

226-232 High Street, Kew

226-232 High Street, Kew
226-232 High Street, Kew

The mixed-use development has recently been completed and it makes a striking addition to the Kew streetscape.

Ratio consulted with Boroondara City Council to achieve a significant car parking reduction, with 36 spaces provided against a Planning Scheme parking requirement of 68 spaces.

The Project

The mixed-use development comprises five floors of office space and a ground floor retail tenancy, with a three-level basement carpark accessed via a Right of Way turn at the rear of the site.

Our Work

Our transport team completed an initial Traffic Report in April 2018 and the fourth and final version of the Traffic Report in September 2020.

We succeeded in persuading Boroondara City Council to endorse a car parking reduction of 32 spaces and created car parking access to the constricted site via a ROW.

Our waste management team joined the project in April 2018, providing design inputs and ultimately a Waste Management Plan Report to accompany the Town Planning Application.

The proposed waste management system involves a shared bin room on lower ground level accommodating separate collection bins for general waste, recycling, organics and glass and a mechanical bin tug for transferring bins to the kerb for collection

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226-232 High Street