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Casey Gardens Development Plan

Casey Gardens Development Plan

Casey Gardens Development Plan

Casey Gardens Development Plan
Casey Gardens Development Plan

Casey Gardens is an up-and-coming residential development located at 6 Fullard Road, Narre Warren.

The south-east Melbourne development is situated in a rapid-growth area within close proximity to two major shopping centres and the adjacent Monash Freeway.

The Development

An existing Development Plan for the site was prepared and approved by Council in 2015.

Following BNG Group’s subsequent purchase of the site, our planning team undertook to facilitate an amendment to the Development Plan appropriate to the needs of their client.

Our Work

Working in conjunction with DKO Architecture and Encore Development Management, our Planning team coordinated a professional project team of technical consultants to expedite a positive outcome for their client.

The team also advised on the planning processes and strategies required to facilitate the Development Plan amendment and mitigate the planning risks associated with potential off-site amenity impacts on the adjacent childcare centre and surrounding land.

Our ongoing engagement with the strategic and statutory planning department of the City of Casey Council accelerated the approval of the amended Development Plan, enabling the ultimate redevelopment of the site for approximately 500 new dwellings over four future stages of construction.

The approval of the amended Development Plan has permitted the lodgement of a Stage 1 planning application at the present time. The commencement of Stage 1 works will deliver approximately 40 new townhouses, a four-storey apartment building, approved access of an internal road network and planning for central communal open space/parkland.

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6 Fullard Road
Narre Warren