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Stockland’s Mt. Atkinson Estate

Stockland's Mt. Atkinson Estate

Stockland’s Mt. Atkinson Estate

"Ratio are also excited to see the arterial road they designed extend from Grand Boulevard through to Greigs Road, providing an important link to the surrounding road network."

‒ Hilary Marshall, Director: Transport

Mt. Atkinson Developments
Mt. Atkinson Developments

Ratio assisted in facilitating valuable infrastructure for the burgeoning Stockland communities of Mt. Atkinson, Grandview and Melbourne Business Park as part of the housing deliveries set out in the Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains Precinct Structure Plan (PSP).

Our transport team designed seven intersections, two major roundabouts and a secondary arterial road approximately 7km long linking the community amenities as part of their comprehensive work in the area.


Ratio’s transport team was involved with the Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) during Draft Structure Plan Preparation Stages in 2016.

After the PSP was gazetted, the team provided a range of due diligence advice, master planning services, assisted with the preparation of numerous planning applications at multiple stages and provided expert evidence to guide the delivery of transport infrastructure on the parcel of land in the Western Growth Corridor.

The team responded to constraints imposed by existing infrastructure to complete precinct designs for residential community of Mt. Atkinson, Grandview and Melbourne Business Park.

Mt. Atkinson

The Mt Atkinson precinct provides residential offerings in line with the density requirements of the PSP providing approximately 5,000 dwellings across its 50ha. Stockland’s Mt. Atkinson masterplanned community is currently under development with provisions by Ratio’s transport team for the site including:

  • Design of the realigned Greigs Road as Grand Boulevard, which included five major intersections and three additional intersections for estate access.
  • Department of Transport and Planning leading example of a Diversion Road treatment for the construction of Hopkins Road and Grand Boulevard intersection.
  • Coordinated design of Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains PSP road network to facilitate the evolving nature of residential development masterplan.
  • Interim Access management design for early residents as the development works progressed.
  • Car parking support for the unique Vision Centre, which will enable future residents to engage with the neighbourhood.

Grandview Estate

Offering approximately 1,600 dwellings, Grandview is currently under construction.

Our team completed the below provisions for the site:

  • Designed interim access arrangements to Greigs Road to facilitate development before the ultimate signalised access to Grand Boulevard could be constructed.
  • Road alignment design input for protecting Mt Atkinson Conservation Reserve.
  • Design of one major intersection on Grand boulevard and three roundabout intersections within the estate.
  • Road hierarchy improvements through transport planning reassessment of the PSP road network (this is the southern connection of a Connector Road to an access street level 2).
  • Transport planning coordination with the road authorities for safety improvements during the early stages of urbanisation in the Greigs Road Corridor.

Melbourne Business Park

The PSP zoned half the land area for industrial uses with the 260ha Melbourne Business Park will become the largest industrial project in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Located close by road and future Outer Metropolitan Ring Road connections, the Melbourne Business Park is situated on Hopkins Road two kilometres from the Western Highway diamond interchange.

Our transport team contributed:

  • Road Network enhancements to expand on the PSP foundations for the precinct. (Location of Riding Boundary internal intersection.)
  • Two major intersection designs within a complex road corridor environment
  • Two standard intersection designs along the Hopkins Road corridor
  • Traffic construction input for challenging public realm interface.

Our team is proud of their ongoing work in Melbourne’s west and looks forward to further contributing towards the placemaking infrastructure.

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