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Decibel Architecture

EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower

Lot D1 & H1 Tan Thuan West, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower

EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower
EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower

Our teams adopted local best-practices for the major hotel development.

The EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower sports an iconic profile and luxury 5-star amenities.

The Tower

EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower boasts spa and wellness facilities, sky gardens, a conference centre and dining venues, with the SkyDisc restaurant located at the building’s zenith.

Our Work

Ratio’s Transport and Waste Management overcame the challenges of working on a remote project under pandemic conditions to consult on the iconic project.

Ratio’s Transport team designed access arrangements for the development, separating vehicle streams for better functionality and safety, and examining the use of human-power to manage the comings and goings of loading vehicles.

Our Waste Management team proposed waste management and collection strategy for the development, determining expected waste volumes, providing design advice for the bin room and collection area and ultimately advising a plan that did not involve waste chutes.

Ratio was proud to work on such a significant project and looks forward to completion of the project projected to take place later in 2022.

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Lot D1 & H1 Tan Thuan West
District 7
Ho Chi Minh City