18-20 Harrison Street, Dromana

Credit: JTX Construction and Development Group

Developer & Project Manager

Anthony Elcheikh, JTX Construction and Development Group


Mornington Peninsula Shire

Project Contact

David Crowder Chris Greenland


Planning Transport

18-20 Harrison Street, Dromana

18-20 Harrison Street, Dromana

18-20 Harrison Street, Dromana

18-20 Harrison Street, Dromana
18-20 Harrison Street, Dromana

Ratio’s planning and transport teams oversaw the process of amending plans in collaboration with transport, waste, landscape and arborist specialist input.

Our team worked together in collaboration with Anthony Elcheikh of JTX to facilitate the approval of a permit for a partially three-storey development, in an area where proposed building controls limit height to two storeys. Ratio provided contextual and design-based advice on why the building height was appropriate.

The Development

The luxury eight-townhouse redevelopment has three street frontages and is located within walking proximity of Dromana Beach and local dining and sporting amenities.

Our Work

Following a previous application refusal by Council, our planning and transport teams were engaged to set development parameters to guide a site redesign. The amended plans received Council support, although an objector remained opposed to the application.

The team supported the amended proposal through the VCAT process, offering solutions which addressed the Tribunal’s concerns regarding internal amenity issues with intra-looing and intra-shadowing while maintaining the integrity of the architecture and internal amenity.

Ratio’s transport team assisted to resolve issues with an operationally flawed basement design that required reversing movements of cars up the ramp to a number of crossovers and an inadequate garage basement design.

The proposal required an amended ramp design due to a Melbourne Water flooding draft condition and our team was able to provide a ramp design on the day of the hearing that would adequately address the draft permit condition and match the previous ramp design.

Ultimately VCAT granted an on-the-spot decision that the proposal was appropriate.

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18-20 Harrison Street